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I can't get on to the membership site.

This video should help to clear up some of the confusion...

We have 3 separate websites that are password protected: Our Membership Site, Our Supplement Shop, and Our Help Desk. Theses are separate websites and could possibly all have different passwords. The Membership site is the only paid site, so it sets the password up for you automatically, but once you log in you can change the password to something easier to remember. The other 2 sites are free to set up an account and you can set your own password for those.ย 

The most common problem we have found is with trying to type in the temporary password. It's almost impossible to see the difference between a capital "i" and a lower case "L" or a "zero" and the letter "0" so we highly recommend using the copy & paste function of your computer or smartphone. That will solve the issue 95% of the time.

Our membership site uses cookies to keep you logged in. If youโ€™re still having trouble, try clearing your cache and cookiesand then make sure your web browser is allowing cookies from our site. This will almost always fix the issue. If you continue to experience trouble logging in after following the above recommendations, please submit a support ticket.

Occasionally, the system will not update your user account with the proper permissions. If you believe that you should have access to a page but you're getting the "Access Limited" message, click the button on that page to refresh your account permissions, enter your email and click submit. This will refresh your account permissions and grant access to the page if you were supposed to have it.